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Do you have advanced radiation poisoning? Do you have the time? I suffer from amnesia. Do you eat tacos?

DESCRIPTION: Excuse me, I'd like to have kids someday, and I wanted to know how your parents created such a beautiful creature. Because you sure have tied my heart in a knot. How come you're not on top of a Christmas tree?

Kronos Tebama: Awesome body for sure.TFS.

Art Luv: fab video trinity is a good lil slut!

Jackson Park: good stuff! anyone have her name?

Bunny Rockk: I would love to do that with a couple of local guys. Great video. Wish I had a load tonight to enjoy.

Pur Blanc: She is a very pretty housewife. I love the way she sucks cocks and takes that enema up her ass. I would love to have her suck my cock and I would make her my sexual slave too.MMMMMMMM

Ammugonevil: anyone know the asian chick hit me up

Jay Dashae: I wanna marry this girl! My dream girl!

DoglinsShadow: Always fun to watch a woman cum hard.

Cheesy Pick Up Lines to use on Guys | Cheesy Pick Up Lines

Subtle is frequently better than in your face with regards to flirting. Cos I just scraped my knee falling for you.

  • Go girls… pick up lines to use on guys What kind of Uber are you — long or short rides?
  • Not in my case.
  • Does your left eye hurt?

Because you are the bomb! Did you just ring my doorbell? Because you've been looking right all day. I thought happiness started with an H. He must have been to make a princess like you. Have you always been this cute, or did you have to work at it? I play the field, and it looks like I just hit a home run with you. What's on the menu?

The best lines to pick up the guy or girl of your dreams. Pickup Lines For Girls. Back to: I love pick up trucks not pick up lines. but just like all the other guys get a number and wait in line.

Pick Up Lines For Girls

Hello how are you? Go to my room! Is your father a mechanic? If you were my homework, I'd do you on the table. Are you a microwave oven? You Lnie like MasterCard — priceless.

If you were my homework, I'd do you on the table. Cause you satisfy me. I love baseball, so take me home, baby!

Do you know karate? Are you a hot dog stand cause you make my hot dog stand. Is your name country crock, cause you can spread me anytime.

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Do you have a map? Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I've been touched by an angel? Because I believe you have a package for me Are you Richard?

Can I sleep in yours? Do I know you? Go girls… pick up lines to use on guys What kind of Uber are you — long or short rides? Are you a tamale? I suffer from amnesia. I know why they are calling it a beaver, because I am dying for some wood Nice shirt.


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