How Did Allah Come Into Existence



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DESCRIPTION: In the English language, the word generally refers to God in Islam. Prophet Muhammad was appointed to recite the divine verses to the people, to teach them the Book and wisdom, and to rescue them from being mislead. How did Islam religion come to Jamaica?

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Who created God? Who made God? Where did God come from?

The Christians and Jews were minorities.

  • It is absolutely perfect in the Arabic language.
  • In this broad sense, Islam started by start of the universe creation where all God creatures were created with full submission Islam to God. This allows for the continuation of religion for generations upon generations without adaptation or change in the system.
  • Am I still growing or am I done? How is Islam religion different from other religions?
  • They never had enough serious followers to can get political power. We are not being judged on the outcome of things, we are being judged on our choices.
  • This article is about the Arabic word "Allah".

Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood. Allah is the most perfect and highest existence imaginable. After his Law, there is no need for any other message to come. After considering all of the above, how could we look to the universe above us through a telescope or observe the molecules in a microscope and then think that all of this came about as a result of a "big bang" or some "accident? Then I ask your grandmother the same question and likewise she replies, "ask my mother. While the descendents, we the normal humans are made from a single cell, namely the sperm. The facts show that after Muhammad gained power in Medina he organized marauding bands to attack the caravans of rival cities and that the first three were wholly unsuccessful. ® WikiAnswers ® Categories Religion & Spirituality Islam When did this religion Islam come into existence? In Islam, Allah said that it is He who. Since your question used the word Islam, I shall answer based on Islamic point of view. The religion never did come into existence. The core belief of Islam is the worship of Allah (Derived from Al meaning The and Ilah meaning God, so literally meaning The God, it should be noted the word Allah was used pre Muhammad by Arabic Christians .

Why does religion exists?

Retrieved 25 June I have built this house from bricks. This addition was made to emphasize the monotheistic aspect of Trinitarian belief and also to make it more palatable to Muslims.

Because they How Did Allah Come Into Existence created they have difficulty imagining a creature that doesn't have a "beginning". The Quran is the holy book of Islam and it contains all secrets of the world of what happened, what will happen, discoveries, and about every religion. This is completely absurd - this is like stating, "my mother gave birth to herself" This we all know is quite impossible - one cannot be in a state of existence and non-existence at the same time - these two states are completely mutually exclusive. That is not the kind of God the monotheistic scriptures Judaism, Christianity, Islam refer to. Think about this the next time that you are Existsnce up at the moon or the stars on a clear night; could you drop a drinking glass on the sidewalk and expect that it would hit the ground and on impact Exiwtence would not shatter, but it would divide up into little small drinking glasses, with iced tea in them?

This means that at the core of everything will always be our intentions. Why did Islam come about? Therefore the hadiths or verses that discourage from questioning should be understood as based on particular conditions of the inquirer not as a general rule.

  • When and where did islam come into being ?
  • The Islamic states spread from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to central Asia in the east, during the cetury of his death.
  • He is something different from you, in a place different than where you live, and simply does not abide by the same rules that he has birthed you into.

Allah tells us that "Allah is capable of doing anything that He Wills to do. Any worship and prayers directed at saints, prophets, other human beings or nature is considered idolatry.. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Time and again his critics complained of this and repeatedly he told them that his work was not that of producing signs but merely to preach, and that his lack of signs was for the purpose of testing their faith. Jesus came to Earth and talk Gods word to people. Why did Islam come into existence? At this point your question is almost answered but I understand it is hard to think about something with infinite history. For example particles can just pop out of existence and turn up elsewhere, apparently without causality. Even the Holy Quran encourages us to follow reason and thinking. Therefore two kinds of tribes arose among man i. Think about this the next time that you are looking up at the moon or the stars on a clear night; could you drop a drinking glass on the sidewalk and expect that it would hit the ground and on impact it would not shatter, but it would divide up into little small drinking glasses, with iced tea in them?

He will only accept true submission, obedience and in purity and peace to His commandments. Why can't it be all three? So, the religion is called "Islam," and a person who believes in and follows it is a "Muslim. The name Allah can be found countless times in the reports and the lists of names of Christian martyrs in South Arabia, as reported by antique Syriac documents of the names of those martyrs from the era of the Himyarite and Aksumite kingdoms. Archived 16 January at the Wayback Machine.

Allah tells us clearly that there is nothing, anywhere in the universe that resembles Him, nor is He ever in His creation. The sons of satan resisted God and in His works. Imagine I ask you "can I see your cat. But Lucifer desired that he must be praised instead of God and hungered to capture the throne of God right from the day of his creation. Is the Islam religion a true religion or an ideology?


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