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I am a leo woman and told him i wanted exclusivity, though i found him in a distance relationship with someone else and i was with another guy when we met 18 months ago. Its shocking cause I know normal wouldn't hold back, but I amazingly have restraint with him. I am a Leo woman hopelessly attracted to a married Gemini man that I work with.

DESCRIPTION: So I'll be patient with him, because he's worth me exploring. Gemini's are not the most understanding, while they can be very engaging, very intellectual and are often thought of as "deep thinkers" they can also appear to be very shallow as well. He is a Gemini!!!!!!! Geminis and Leo seem to go very well together.

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Leo Man and Gemini Woman ⋆ Astromatcha

We feel out of touch and I got married and he got engaged to someone else.

  • He can do almost anything to make you happy and keep you in his "cage". I'm hope he decides he actually does want to be with me.
  • Hi to anyone reading this.
  • One thing is for sure:

According to the compatibility horoscope, a union between a Gemini man and a Leo woman is best suited for light flirtation, rapid short romance, fleeting dating than to create a family. She wants candles and oils, and silk sheets……. Everybody was playing xbox while me and her laid down on the couch. It's the most powerful tool I've found to predict the future of a relationship. We have been together since high school, going on 11 years. He is so intelligent and can do anything.

Gemini man and Leo woman

He may have to prove his loyalty to you, but Leo Woman And Gemini Man Dating little chance that he'll find other women anything but boring Wo,an you're together. But, as soon as we Annd again he would bring up stuff that he apologized for! The most frustrating part about dating him was somewhat partly due to my jealousy and Gemini's constant need to feel free and independent. He was never bored with me and he was always stimulated either intellectually or sexually.

Home» Zodiac Compatibility» Gemini Woman Leo Man – A Happy Intelligent Match. Going out they always have fun, and the Gemini woman Leo man while dating. Are Leo woman Gemini man compatible Leo Woman Gemini Man – Match Can Be Excitingly Attractive. Dating a Leo woman or dating a Gemini man comes with its. Read free compatibility horoscope for Gemini and Leo, free compatibility characteristic for a couple where Gemini is a man and Leo is a woman. fleeting dating.

It's a bitch waiting. Sweep her right off her royal feet and carry her to the bedroom in an act of romantic passion. Its shocking cause I know normal wouldn't hold back, but I amazingly have restraint with him. I have indeed experienced his "split personality":

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  • How Compatible Are You? The thing with a Gemini is that this will be a huge task to accomplish with this man.
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Daring, adventurous and sexy. Leave a comment Your name: It's a bitch waiting.

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Daily horoscope weekly and free horoscopes, configuration of the planets, the sun, and the moon in the sky at a particular moment. He is pretty loyal and protective of me.


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