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Maya said that even if she is short, she never felt short until Riley didn't have her back. I think she's just confused about how she's supposed to feel. Maya tried to prove that she and Riley are better friends than Cory and Shawn. Josh told Maya that he was still too old for her.

DESCRIPTION: Riley admires Maya and wants to be like her, much to her father's dismay. Ava criticizes the story, which Cory knew would happen.

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Back at the apartment, the play continues, and Cory tells Maya people find each other because they are exactly who they need. Before Shawn left, he invited the kids, including Maya, on a trip he was going to take to Upstate New York.

  • Katy mentioned to Shawn that Maya doesn't stop talking about him, particularly after the trip he took with the kids. Riley didn't defend her because she thinks it's true, but Maya admitted she's defended Riley from similar comments about her height and klutziness even though they are also true.
  • Could it have been Lucas?
  • We hope that one day, one of us will be lucky enough to become the future Mrs. Riley then leaves with Maya and Smackle does the mock theremin voice once more, but this time Zay is amused and stays.

He's perfect for Riley, I know because when I was Riley it was hard not to like him. Very exciting, I'm sure. She says she appreciates it, but the tone of her voice is sarcastic and she then throws the heavy book at a smiling Zay. The game was also given so the two could get to know Zay better because while choosing a gift, Farkle realized him and Smackle did not know Zay that well and the game would help because it takes 17 years to play. You're not changing the bay window.

"Girl Meets a Christmas Maya " is the eighteenth episode of Season 3 of Girl Meets World and the 69th of the overall series. It first aired on December 2, "Girl Meets a Christmas Maya" is the second Christmas episode of the Disney Channel original series Girl Meets World, aired in the show's third and final season.

Girl Meets a Christmas Maya

When the gang returned to New York City to open the time capsule, Maya watched on as Shawn opened the time capsule and rediscovered many mementos of his relationship with Angela, who he clearly still felt strongly for. Very exciting, I'm sure.

This isn't working out. What could possibly go wrong now?

  • I wanna look back and regret the things I did do. Most of the group then comes to the conclusion they do not know each other at all and the Secret Santa was a disaster.
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  • Some team won a game. The siblings drink their beverages and look at the lightly falling snow.
  • It's like you're my brother.

Because you know it's not a square dance, so not going to be a lot of dosey-doeing. Maya gives Riley a wrapped present, which is a suitcase, likely filled with Maya's overnight possessions. Maya then says she and her mother have something and she is not ruining it. Retrieved from " http: Did he tip over a cow? At this point, Riley does not say the words "secret Santa" to avoid getting pinched by Maya.

Josh is Maya's friend and romantic interest. Maya starts a school protest, and she continually chants, "No homework, more freedom! Topanga has acted as a mother figure to Maya ever since she and Riley became friends.


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